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Remove stump hazards

Stump grinding will effectively remove stumps

It's advised to remove tree stumps so you can prevent insect infestation, tripping hazards, or damage to your mower when you accidentally bump up against it time after time. Stump grinding is a permanent way to eliminate the problems with old rotten stumps. Decaying stumps can attract pests like termites and ants which may spread to other trees in your yard, not to mention other pests such as snakes and rodents that may also find hiding places within a neglected stump.

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Spare your back

Many homeowners try to tackle removing tree stumps on their own, but at what cost? Days of recuperating from a sore back. Give New Leaf Tree Service a call to take care of that stubborn tree stump that’s in your way. We have a much easier way! 

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You’ll be so glad you called! Stump grinding is a great affordable solution for getting rid of annoying stumps in your yard. Removing stumps can finally level that area of your yard you’ve been wanting to seed and allow nearby trees to expand their roots. Call us at 678-621-3597 for a free estimate. 

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