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We remove dead or unwanted trees

Sometimes it’s necessary to remove trees because they are dead or dying. Dead tree limbs have the potential to damage your property or your family. Other times, we have homeowners that just want more green space and are tired of dealing with grass not growing or too many leaves to rake. No matter the reason, New Leaf Tree Service can quickly and safely remove your unwanted trees. We also offer 24/7 emergency tree service when you need it. 

Tree being removed by large crane

How do I know if my tree is unhealthy or needs to be removed?

If your tree is lacking healthy foliage, the trunk is hollowed out, or has become insect infested, these are all signs of an unhealthy tree. More obvious signs are leaning trees, partially uprooted trees, trees near power lines, or dead trees near your house. If you just aren’t sure but would like a professional opinion, we are happy to come out.

We offer free estimates for your tree removal

New Leaf Tree Service has more than a decade of experience in removing trees, and we are licensed and insured. Reach out for a free inspection of your tree or trees and get a free estimate.  Our number is 678-621-3597.

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